About us

Hijab Junkie, established in 2013, initially began as a humble family business.  However, over the years, it has experienced remarkable growth and success, thanks to the blessings of Alhamdulillah.  My deep-rooted passion for scarves, encompassing purchasing, wearing, and subsequently selling them, has been the driving force behind this enterprise.  Initially, I started by selling scarves exclusively to close friends and family.  However, the interest and demand for scarves swiftly expanded, reaching customers from various corners of the world.

As time progressed and technology advanced, I ensured that the process of purchasing scarves became more convenient and accessible than ever before.  Nevertheless, my unwavering commitment to sourcing high-quality scarves at affordable prices has remained constant since day one.  People who know me personally can attest to my relentless pursuit of the most unique and exclusive products for both myself and my valued customers. Witnessing sisters proudly donning Hijab Junkie Scarves fills me with immense happiness and pride.

About us

Hijab Junkie was launched in 2013. It started off a small family business. Over the years it has grown from strength to strength Alhamdulillah. I have always held a passion for scarves; buying them, wearing them and then selling them. I started off selling to close family and friends and before I knew it interest grew as did the demand for scarves and I now alhamdulillah have a customers from all over the globe.

As the years have passed by and technology advanced, I too made buying scarves easier and more accessible than ever before.

One thing that always remained constant from day one was my passion and attention to detail in finding high quality scarves at affordable prices. Those people that know me personally are well acquainted with my obsession in wanting for myself and for my customers the most unique and exclusive products I can get my hands on. It makes me extremely happy and proud when I see sisters wearing Hijab Junkie Scarves.

I pride myself on providing a customer experience that I too would want every time I shopped; consistent quality, reliability and excellent communication. I am always developing my business, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns.

Samiya Irshad